8/28/2013 10:29pm

TODAY, we went in the Cultural Center. Not really excited about it,
(1) its a seminar,
(2) we dont have anything to do afterwards
(3) you won’t be there,

You have to be mentioned last, though truly you’re the only reason why i have no interest in going.
You’re a better speaker.
You value your listener, their time, and you’re really passionate in your talks. I suppose you’ll be studying your talk objectively and subjectively.

What will be interesting and knowledgeable to hear at the same time?

TODAY, I emerged myself to listening quite enthusiastically to people who others find interesting, successful, and confident. Guess what, you alone would have made that four-hour seminar better.




Our eyes met while smiling.

i haven’t posted for a long time. Felt like i only not lost words for post but also the accompanying feelings with it.

de notepad~


3:44 PM 8/20/2013
it has been raining all day.
Airing nothing on TV but news.
Being confined inside this house is fine, would have been better if it isn’t Tuesday.

I am looking forward in going to school today. But got the bliss cut early by an advanced announcement of class suspension yesterday.

Unfair. If only the skies agreed on my motives and approved of it, that would be amazing.

How could i be happy, lazying around?
There’s someone that i want to see but can’t. i did my pancake right for the first time. Burned a side but the insides are weell done, so its my first A for my pancakes.

i don’t feel worried for him. He is an adult.
He’s smart, practical, and capable.
He wouldn’t really whine by experiencing this typhoon. Maybe, he’ll think, its quite weird and bothersome but he’ll get by. The guy’s always thinking of solutions and possible worthy activity. He is not someone who’ll ruin his own day, sabotage his own routines and by now, i hope he’s doing really well like reading the diary of samuel peyps, playing his baroque violin, or cooking something warm to fight the breezy air.
He’ll be smiling on the book or maybe while blowing hot soup. Who are you with right now? Are you even home?
Masasabi bang “mababaw na kaligayahan” ? O napag-iiwanan ng panahon ? (parang Lost World lang ni Arthur Conan Doyle ~time capsule ?)

Pero di ba ang kaligayahan, mababaw man o malalim, ay kaligayahan ?

im so creepy.
freaking waiting for a facebook update, im so pathetic.


Kasi ikaw yung wallpaper ko

Bumilis ang mga hakbang

ng sa harap ko’y dumaan

Nakilala ko kasi ang ‘yong likod

at buhok mong paboritong kong masdan


Tinangkang humabol

kahit walang balak sumabay

Saan ka kaya sasakay?

Para gusto kong magbabay


Kasi wala kang hawak

Napalunok na lang ako

iniisip ko lang, paano kaya

kung hawakan kong mga kamay mo


Mawiweirduhan ka siguro

‘huy anung ginagawa mo?’

Mas okay na siguro yon

Kesa sabihin mong ‘hu u?’


He was there.

Sitting across me, he continued blabbering about how good it is to have a free meal. He sure loves to eat tempura and crabsticks. Remembering the funny faces he made, i started grinning.

He talked about how monolingual French people are. By the age of 30, most of them didn’t even know how to say they are French or any basic English. He told us about a class he took around 2004, i guess. He and his colleagues took Psychanalyses. in one of his lecture class, he learned that Filipinos stays immature for a long time. i wondered, though i could have agreed on it. i believe i am a perfect example of immature. He explained it with a big smile, i am a very attentive student when professors starts to enthusiastically tell good stories.

As i remembered, it is due to our strong bond with our family. We stick to our parents until we married and settled for our own family. Unlike Westerns, we are so attached to our homes so most Filipinos didn’t considered moving out. Additionally, moving out would be a waste of money, they say.


Another thing in his stay in France was how easy it is to travel. Again, considering that his scholarship grant from UP Diliman was way back 2004, which is a very long time ago and i was still in Grade 4 that time, a lot of things must have changed. How fun was that if I knew him by that year.


Year 2004. France, as he said, was very accomodating. Train tickets cost 20 euros and that will be enough for a week. He’s thrifty. There’s this genuine smile when he told us how much he kept from his allowance. He even bought a TV. He isn’t techy. it’s funny how he demands us to google things while he doesn’t even have a decent phone to have internet. At least, i can make use of Opera as a browser. He is so cute and funny.


My favorite word in my french class is syndicat de drogue. We studied professions and it just weirded me out that he considered that one, sadly i didn’t get to see his expression when he wrote that. Must be so weird and funny.


J’aime. i have my facebook account in french so i usually use this word, not my favorite. Suki desu sounds cuter, like Oniichan. C’est differente, the roll of tongue and sound is better in Japanese.