Once i was convinced that moving in with the person you wanna marry is actually natural. Since you’ll be spending the whole eternity with that one person, ne?

Guess im easily confronted by the fact that i don’t really last in a relationship, well, compared to my friends who can last years. Always thinking of settling, that’s me. Whenever im interested in a guy i felt the urge to know more of course, but i rarely get so involved so i always got nowhere.

And so this guy preached,

“So I thought, bakit kailangan ng practice mode? Ibig sabihin, pag sumablay kami, split na kami? Live like a couple minus the commitment? Pa’no pag nawala na yung magic? Goodbye na?

Kung kasal na, kasal na. Wala nang practice. I think that’s the real cowardice. Yung i-try muna natin kung it will work kasi takot! kayo na baka hindi maging successful ang outcome. Saan na napunta ang excitement ng buhay? Kaya nga kayo in-love, para sabay kayong humarap sa totoong buhay, sa hirap at ginahawa, di ba? Hindi yung pagpapraktisan muna ninyo para siguradong ginhawa lang.”

if you don’t have the balls, then don’t think of marriage.


First of all, marriage is built with trust. Honestly, love as i believed must survive the trial of time and distance. Though its love that was said to be the main reason of the union. You are going to trust each and every part of you to someone, your hopes and dreams, present and future, your soul and beliefs. You’ll entrust them to keep you comfortable with your own flaws and imperfectness, the defects you have, and in your weakness, you trust them to provide you the strength.

You see, moving together isn’t really a must. it is nothing but a mere excuse to enjoy a company, to cuddle, to have someone at the moment. There’s the blithe reality of not wanting to be together. Unsteady ans unsure. it is a declarative indirect statement that i’m looking for your flaws and we shall correct it or else we won’t be going anywhere.



Marriage is not just sacred, it is a dream. i hold great expectations of tomorrow and it always involve the dream of togetherness. I believe that i’m one miserable individual. For i carry lust after the one i like. No good in keeping words, i’m someone who will make you trust me and then it will be decided that i shall break your heart.

iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii