Clearly tells how useful it has been, now set aside for its purpose had been reached its limit.


A rusty safe sitting,

around the corner looming

with extreme gloominess

that nobody thinks exist


what have you been through

had they made good use of you

have you protected whats in you

or let others ravish you








A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


shut up, it hurts

there’s like rain but no rainbows,
you’re holding it back
but too much can’t be on hold anymore
You lose sight of reasons

And you are too angry to admit
it is wrong to be mad,
it is childish and pointless
eventually you’ll realize
it doesn’t have to be that fatal to hurt

You grind your teeth
and breathing harder
Tried watching porn
but nothing seems to matter

those on hold sadness and
on hold tears
will eventually flow
to cleanse vile soul

Cruel or not at all
but when it hurts, then it hurts
doesn’t have to be that big
you just have to cry after all.


4. 4

You shall not cling to the past. Change is inevitable.To be able to make a colossal leap, move forward with confidence and great belief that you’ll be more awesome. You will not be stocked to your present. You are moving for time doesn’t wait for anyone. You will grab opportunities and make the most of it. Holding your future now, you will make decisions for yourself but won’t be discarding the remnants of past. You will see them again and drink with them and you shall still be awesome by that time.


Never invite an ex in your wedding. Chances are, they’ll get back together and you’ll be devastated being left alone, or you’ll be that person who’ll have to rely on your buddies.
inevitable emotions, release the berseker.
Just be cool.
Maybe, your friends doesn’t like him anyway. Or you’ll meet someone who likes the same movie that you’ve been watching for your whole life and every Christmas Eve.
Perhaps, you didn’t know that person very well. You might accidentally kill him not knowing his allergic with peanuts.
Or you two are just not meant to be.
You don’t have such good mental connection, you think you were cool but then she’s actually thinking different things on hand. Sadly, that’s how it is. You cannot force someone you hold dear to love you back, expecting the same amount of affection for maybe, in their hearts, they also held someone so dear for so long and they forgot it is still there hanging in corner and no one in either side is letting go.
They will remain there for so long that they can’t even let another person invade that space, not even if you gave them your heart.

You’re wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. The perfect love story ending.

Everyone has a ghost. Everyone’s haunted, you shouldn’t run from the confrontation. Search your feelings. Deal with it, and think properly of the words you’re gonna say.

Swallow your anger.
Throw it on someone’s face.
Or just forget.