We went on a trip this month in Bosay, Antipolo. Was a good one though i felt it could be more fun and im with my friend Charifee. More fun, maybe im thinking of having more friends but there’s a lot of time when I can’t even accomodate three people. Large groups overwhelm me. Particularly in high school, we hang out and meet up on weekends. ideally we do have objective discussions.

College. Met a lot of warm, conceited, over-rated, dramatic, friendly people and yet there’s only a handful of people that interest me. im not good enough myself, i am envious of most people with normal defects. Gosh, i’d like to have some Lipton Red Tea right now.

Amusingly, this past few days, i got interested with another mate. Wouldn’t really notice him because i got used on how he warmly talk with other people like they need some laugh and he’ll share some stupid jokes with his bright laugh. Good offer.

i believe he do save me psychologically. God bless that guy.

He isn’t chasing for excellence unlike most of us. Not stupid, either. Most of the time, i find what im looking for through him and some other times, he has the answer that i have never thought of. That person is the apple of my eye. Most eyes that laid on him, i believe, see, he’s really cute and fascinating.

Though, I wouldn’t really like to get close. Be one of his friends and he’ll be my one of my favorite person. Maybe, i dislike losing, in the way that if i don’t receive the mutual value of what im giving, then shall we not have long chats or good laughs. Must be cool if im dont easily get attached with people, sadly, i am. i will miss them and won’t let go of good memories until i find myself alone and they were moving on doing good.

Too romantic, can’t even stand a relationship for too months and im thinking most of the time of settling with one person. Occassionally, fate twist our destiny and drive us to the opposite of our ideals. Same mechanics on how opposite attracts. What if im so busy studying and hunting for the one then on a parallel world i am a moron, hunting for the one hundred like Barney Stinson, awesome-ing.

i wanna do that, but here i am, chained and can’t even do a single huge difference in my life. So now im gonna blame my old folks what good was that? Was my fault that m stocked, chose not to learn chores.

And so went to the seminar, that no good has brought in my life because ddnt really learn a single useful thing. WAS REALLY FUN THOUGH!


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